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November 2021 onwards

Dedicated Zoom Classes; these are recorded and available in members area on demand 



A practice to get us ready for the week, focussed, balancing yet calming with meditation 

Revive and Relax

6.30 - 7.30pm

Revive and relax with a slower practice.  Encouraging self care, healing and movement to release tension and stress.  Great to reduce anxiety, tension in the body and feel better.



A practice to take our postures further and really shift out bodies – all postures will be taught in stages so don’t think you can’t do it, because you can!

Dual zoom/in-person classes 

Inner Yoga Flow


End of the day, flow practice, streamed from the Inspired Hub

Hatha Yoga


Traditional Hatha Practice, streamed from the Inspired Hub

Go to Members Area, chose the Sign Up option, when you Log In, choose your preferred plan which comes up and fill in the subscription form.  Next time you log in, you'll have access to videos, playlists, zoom links etc.  

Here's a wee guide to logging on: 

(PS if you want to give it a try select a one off package, if you sign up for longer, you can EASILY cancel too - login, go to the top right hand corner where your name is and from the pull down menu go to My Subscriptions where you can cancel there - there's no hidden nasties with me xx)


Top menu bar.... go to Log In

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You'll see this screen, Sign Up if you need to (as above) or select "Log In" (just under Sign Up)
In the "Log In" screen, you also change your password by using "forgot my password".  Follow the instructions and do check your junk box for a link! 

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Go to Members Area and you'll access all your goodies, including videos, playlists, zoom links and timetables, etc relevant to your membership.
The sites also been upgraded for those of you who may access from your phone, so you should find it much easier.  Any probs, simply get in touch.