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Day 1 - Mission of Day 1:

Get a notebook (doesn't need to be new but just take something nice to honour this process), take a pen or a pencil and create a list of 50 people who have added value to your life.  Consider people who are positive and you think are someone who made you grow somehow.  The list must contain 50 names. The important thing is to mentally connect with the WHY of your choice.

Move calmly, remember the good things in each person, and what they brought into your life.  Enjoy this!

The quote of the day:

”Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”

Here is the meditation of the day. You can listen to it before or after the notebook exercise. And listen to it as many times as you like within the next 24 hours. Better early in the morning ✨🌸✨.

Day 2

Congratulations on today if you've already done it and enjoy it when you get to it if you haven't yet (just take the plunge if you can).  Your mission for Day 2, is to write a list of people (no matter the number) in your family/social circles that you feel have achieved their goals in life and are happy.  This can be in terms of ANY aspect of their lives.

Take your time, listen to the meditation, create a safe and comfortable space, connect with your heart and enjoy this time.

Today’s inspirational quote:

”I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.”

Day 3

Ohhh a big day. Don’t feel weird or judge yourself if it brings up resistance. It did with me and I'm only doing it now!  I think the resistance and/or fear is part of this process. Remember you have free will and space to do or not do the task. Whatever comes up write it down in your journal and share with group if you wish to.  It's taken me 9 months to do this task!!!

[Not my words] As we begin to reach into our own abundance, it is time now to expand out to others. Whether it is 3 or 30 people.  Today’s task is a decisive junction in this journey.  You will work with the law of giving and receiving. The law of the movement of energy.  Energy needs to be constantly renewed because energy that is standing still does not flow and can therefore not bring us back more energy in return.  Today's inspired mission is to create your own group (small or large) and to become the host and support person of the Abundance Challenge for another 21 days.

You’ll then have the task each day to coach and pass on the guidance from Day 1 to the end of the 21 days.

This task can bring up lots of resistance and can be frightening for some, for the extra commitment in a life already full of tribulations may seem daunting. But, mainly, it is the ego and its fear of rejection that is the issue.  Are you ready to expand your comfort zone and hold the space for others to grow alongside you?

[My words]: see if you can observe your reaction to the day 3 task. Make a note of your feelings. Also you have the choice of the start date. I would recommend after you have completed the challenge but again you are sovereign; you decide IF and WHEN you begin.

Allow your love to expand as you feel it can contribute to people’s development.  In other words, I am saying: doing the day 3 assignment is like saying to yourself:  ”I am completely ready to open up to abundance; To let larger streams of life to pass through me; I have the space; I am the space”

Read these words out to yourself and allow them to settle deep within you.  And finally, thank you so much for being part of us, because we are all in this together.

Today’s inspirational quote is:

”Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”

How to create the group

– Name the Group 21 days of abundance (do this in advance of your start date)

– Choose a photo for a profile picture that is representative of abundance to you

– Create a group as I did with you and explain what is is about, and tell the people they are welcome to stay or leave.

– Set a start date that’s not today so people have the opportunity to respond and decide.

– WhatsApp works easiest



It is important to explain the Group’s intention and make it clear that the group members will have tasks. Be clear, everyone should understand what they are committing to.  To facilitate you can take advantage of the messages that I send to you, like rules, exercises, etc, with a touch of your own personality.

Remember that you will have to make the postings daily and follow the people who have been doing the tasks.

It doesn't take too long, especially if you organise it in advance.

After you have created your group, say it here! ‘Done Day 3’

You will feel amazing after completing this task.

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