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Beware the Moon!

Tonight see's the September Full Moon known as the Harvest Moon. I don't normally write about moon cycles, but I do pay attention to them.

This evening's full moon is known as the Harvest Moon as it's the full moon which is closest to the Autumn Equinox - Wednesday, 22nd September - the start of Autumn. Autumn brings us towards a time of darker evenings and mornings, perhaps you might feel inclined to cosy up a little more. And this is a great time to pay attention to how you feel within your yoga practice. I know that summer and light mornings make me feel energised, and autumnal darker evenings make me want a more nourishing practice. Autumn and Winter is the time the body refuels to prepare itself for Spring and Summer - just like the soil, so it's understandable that our body may want a different practice. Autumn body gives us the last of the Summer's rewards and Winter body encourages us to rest and replenish using these Autumnal gifts. With this in mind, I will be introducing a more nourishing, slower practice online on Tuesday evenings (6.30pm) so those of you online please do look out for this. If you want to join this practice, just let me know and I'll explain how. But in the meantime, be kind to yourself - nourishing foods, fresh air, take in the Autumn leaves and enjoy. Love and Light Txxx

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