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Whatever you're up to during the festive period, I hope you are keeping well and having a break.  I'm back in January 2022; pre-records are still available in the members area and there may be the odd ad hoc online practice before 2022 - I'll keep you in the know!

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I love yoga and I love bodies.  I believe anyone can do yoga; if you can breathe you can practice yoga.  I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching classes and teacher training for many of these.  I initially studied to develop my practice, and to develop my practice, my teacher, Jenny Beeken (trained by BKS Iyengar), said go and teach and here I am. 
I studied with the Inner Yoga Trust, who are a Scaravelli inspired yoga – Scaravelli inspired as Vanda Scaravelli wished not to have a school or method named after her, but to use inspired so that people developed their practice in-line with their body.  No forcing, no pulling, no pushing.  Working with, not against, the nature of your bodies movement.  I was a big runner and daytime office based for 20 years in the corporate world, so I know the stress and strains that puts on the body.  I have found yoga so helpful for what life has thrown at me; our bodies are our vehicles for life; sometimes they breakdown on the journey and need fixing or a tune up.
I’m also a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Bowen Practitioner – these modalities also inform my practice through anatomy, physiology, injury and movement, as does my Sanskrit Vedic chanting practice, through connecting back to ancient wisdom.
My classes are informative, fun and will shift you.  I hope to help you with whatever you feel your body and mind needs.

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