Yoga is for everyone, no matter ability, flexibility, age or gender. 
So whether your a practiced yogi or a first timer, come along. 

We might not notice but our bodies change from day to day – what we can do one day, we perhaps can’t do the next, and yet can do it again the day after.  After practicing many types of yoga for many years (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Hatha), I began to practice Scaravelli yoga with Jenny Beeken and Inner Yoga Trust, which brought me to a gentler, yet demanding practice which has strengthened and nourished as well as teaching me to be a little kinder in how I move.  This has had a huge effect on my mind, body and spirit.  

My yoga practice, like life, has been a journey  -  sometimes it’s straightforward and easy, sometimes we get lost and sometimes we stop and take a break because we like the view or our vehicle breaks down and we have to stop.  I’ve spent -and loved - years of running (especially longer distances), working in Corporate Marketing (20+ years) as well as being mum (human and hairies) and mrs - and my vehicle has broken down quite a few times!  And that moulds us to who we are, makes us ask and question, and there’s no lovelier place to do that than on a mat. 

I believe anybody can practice yoga, no matter age, ability, flexibility or gender.  My teaching training course was 3 years (500 hours), since then, I've done an additional 500 hours training, am registered with Yoga Alliance UK, Independent Yoga Network and FHT.  I have continued my bodywork study through Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Bowen Technique - both of which I'm a practitioner of.
I am also a teacher of Inner Yoga London - teaching people to become yoga teachers and developing courses for yoga teachers.
I am DBS checked and welcome Duke of Edinburgh Award students.   My yoga classes are innovative, enjoyable and extremely beneficial to body and mind.  I work with all age groups, from babies to the elderly, and also run a community class at Marble Hill Park twice a week.

What does Inner Yoga mean.....
Inner yoga is movement from the core of our being. The body has the intelligence to know how it needs to move. The classical yoga postures, the asanas, originally developed from this intelligence. The structure developed for the asanas is known as Hatha yoga. Inner yoga takes these classical asanas, together with the philosophy of yoga and its spiritual aspects, and teaches them in a way that can transform the body, mind and emotions, touching the heart of our being.
This teaching asks you to be open, to experiment, to practice and to take yoga into your life. When yoga is taken in this spirit it brings you the ability to remedy all sorts of imbalances in the body, mind and spirit.

‘The practice of yoga is the commitment to become established in the state of freedom.’
Patanjali 1:13 (Translation – Alastair Shearer)



Love and Light

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