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Energy - why bodywork works

There is a well known book, you may have come across it, called How Yoga Works. It's a beautifully written book, but how does yoga actually work? How does any bodywork actually work - why does it work? It works on many levels - physical, emotional, mental, releasing trauma and so much more. We've just all spent a year living a different life which we didn't plan and most of us are feeling it at one (or more) of those levels.

All these levels have a healing effect on us. The use of the word "energy" may make some of us roll our eyes, but in this context, I use it as a "cover all" - here's what I mean.

Everything is made of energy - sound waves create sound and speech, light waves create images, light, dark; moving a muscle, creating a breath involves exchanges of energy. Talking therapies exchange sound energy, massage bodywork exchanges touch energy. Yoga bodywork exchanges sound (and possibly touch pre covid!) and movement. These exchanges shift energy in your body.

If we cut ourselves, that cut heals from regeneration of our cells - this process uses energy, energy from food, breath, environment, etc, so there is an exchange of energy. We heal ourselves through our energy. Sometimes we need guidance which is when we go to a healing practitioner - doctor, therapist, bodyworker, lightworker, spiritual leader - we all heal differently as we have different things to hea

l. For me, initially it was yoga that brought me to a place of understanding so that I could heal, then bodywork (Traditional Thai), etc. Debbie Shapiro writes: In essence we cannot heal anyone else, we can only heal ourselves, as our healing comes from within our own cellular structure - it is a regenerative quality as seen in the ability of the skin to heal over a cut. Someone else - doctor, healing practitioner, can only act as an agency to create the right circumstances, the freedom within, for the body to heal itself. The practitioner stimulates and adds to the flow of energy into the cells and healing takes place by virtue of the additional strength and energy received. The body will then heal itself according to its own inner needs.

Those last two sentences scream yoga, massage, etc at me. They are not just treats or workouts they are what helps us feel better. We can't always do it all on our own, but never underestimate that you have the tools - the energy - within you to do so. Sometimes we need a little guidance, so reach out to a practitioner for

you and help yourself heal.

PS We are running a yoga workshop on Sunday 28/3 @ 10am looking at healing, awakening, freeing up. If you're interested, click here

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