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Healing through bodywork

More and more I'm noticing tightness in thighs, both in clients and mine! We still underestimate the effect of stress on our body, even with all the messaging we receive about stress and wellbeing. For example, when you're in a queue, are you tensing? And if yes, where? I bet it's glutes or thighs (and both affect each other). Most people come to a yoga practice or massage and say, I'm tight in the hips. So go above (lower back) and below (thighs) and how are these being used (or not used!); often it's not the hips, but the thighs. So what do we do? Notice and observe your day to day life. Be aware of how your body moves. How do you get out of your car - one leg still near the pedals as the other is on the kerb? How do you sit - cross legged? When you move from sitting to standing what happens from your feet up? If you want to cry, but stop yourself what tenses? (Uncried tears live in the thighs) All these things inform you of your body habits and in turn will teach you what you need to do to free it up.

In meditation, we often find it hard to sit because an area of our body is in discomfort, which makes us fidget or put off meditation. So try a walking meditation or sitting on a chair if that feels more comfortable. So for the next few days, let your body teach and inform you; it will help your yoga practice and help to shift these areas. When we listen, then we can be taught.

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