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To pronoun or not to pronoun and other things I learnt last week

On Friday, I was invited to an LGBTQ+ awareness/inclusion in wellness workshop with Sarah Taylor. One of the many things we discussed were pronouns and the use of. What were our thoughts about pronouns.... Did we use them? Do you use them if you're straight? Do they create labels? Are they a trend? Why are they used? What's the right terminology? I learnt so much in the space of an hour and I thought I was already LGBTQ+ aware.

Pronouns are not a trend. They can be used by everyone. They are part of our identity. Equally, they may change. By using them as a straight person, you are showing your awareness of the use of pronouns and why they are used. Our identity is is who we are and as individuals, we are all different and all gorgeous. I had not used pronouns previously; to be honest I was uneducated about the why and how use of them and worried I'd make a boo-boo. So now I will be adding "what pronouns do you use" to my intake forms and I will be using pronouns when I can. Being aware and educated about important things, shows you care, creates safe space

and supports others. If you'd like to find out more, Sarah's website is and her podcast is Queerpreneur.

Water Water everywhere and not a drop to drink..... I don't drink anywhere near enough water. I have no problem drinking copious amounts of tea but water.... meh. So I'm trying everything I can to up my intake. What I have learnt through research is it's much better to sip water little and often, then gulp a big glass down at intervals during the day - the latter flushes out nutrients whereas the former drips (get it!) into the body.

Ta-ra Treacle ..... so my week of wading through treacle..... I heard I wasn't the only one (thanks for sharing xxxx) so we did lots of yoga last week on Chakras. That helped shift stuff - I hope it did for you too. Sometimes getting on the mat is the last thing we want to do, but it does help. Even if it's 10 mins. You do 10 mins and then think, I'll just do a bit more. Then I'll sit for a bit and before you know it you've done 25 mins of yoga and a bit of meditation. If you're practicing on your own, try starting with one or two postures and see where it takes you. And if you're unsure, you're always welcome to come and practice with me. Take care gorgeous people Txx

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